Wednesday, June 23, 2010



That feels like the outcome for today after spending from 11am to almost 6pm in transit or at the hospital.

I did get my port flushed and saw three of my favorite nurses up there.

There are three possible spots to radiate and, so far, the radiation oncologist doesn’t know which one is causing the problem.

He did all kinds of awful exams, none of which triggered the pain.

He’s going to take the symptom information that he got from me and go talk to a radiologist who will look at the scans and hopefully know which spot is causing it.

I’m not going to get radiated unless someone can tell me with near certainty which spot is the issue.

The radiation oncologist did make the interesting comment that they put a lot of weight on the scan results but find that the patient’s symptoms are usually two weeks ahead of what they can tell from the scan.

Go figure.

I’m supposed to be back up at the hospital at 1pm tomorrow for a “planning session” with the radiation oncologist. He said that, once they figure out which spot, the radiation will be ten treatments, every weekday for two weeks.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty beaten down and frustrated.

Please pray for wisdom for these people who are trying to help me. Please pray for me, for whatever you feel like you should pray for.

More tomorrow, hopefully.


  1. Praying for all of the above... and count me in on some of the appts. if that is the route you choose to go. Love you and really looking forward to catching up this weekend :)

  2. Hi Martha. Glad you're back! I missed your posts while you were gone; looks like you had a really great time camping. So glad to see that. Your tattoos are really quite awesome, too! Still! Keeping you in my prayers. If you decide you need a care package of cookies, brownies, and all the really good stuff that's not really very healthy, let me know. Hugs.