Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Radiation

Okay, so radiation went very easily today. Thank you for praying. The next prayer is for no side effects...

The radiation therapists called me as soon as I arrived, I went back and laid on a carbon fiber table, they lined me up with the lines, they did x-rays to check alignment, the doctor checked the set-up, the enormous two part machine radiated one side, rotated and then radiated the other side, then rotated and radiated up from underneath. They also drew the outline of the radiation area on each side of me and put transparent stickers on key parts of it so they can realign me easily each time I come in.

Apparently they use carbon fiber for the bed because it allows the radiation to pass through unchanged. Pretty cool.

The people there in radiation oncology are very good and very kind. I was out of there in half an hour, am praying for no side effects, and I am going to start my manic quilting project today (I already have an organization plan for a cutting station, a sewing station, and a layout station to make the process more efficient).


  1. Hey Martha. You've gone purple! Lovely! Glad your day went well; a dear friend of mine is currently going through radiation for breast cancer; she's doing amazingly well and has really felt good through the process... I have complete faith you will be as fortunate. That is my prayer and my wish for you. Amen. Oh, and hugs, of course. :-)

  2. ya, hey...either you've gone purple or the world is changing all around us! I can't wait to see the manic quilting. (I have big plans to hem a pair of cutoff shorts...yawn...) love ya! L

  3. You continue to amaze me, a creative dynamo Can't wait to see a play by play of the quilting process. Rock Waxhaw! xoxo and prayers Wendy