Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peace Please

So, the piece of junk, swollen, cancer-in-it-for-sure, annoying...... lymph node under my right arm has been hurting off and on since I found it in the middle of last July.... It has grown in the last few months, so I made an appointment with a surgeon to get it checked it out on April 6. I’m hoping he can snip it out at some hopefully very soon after that date. It does hurt and, while it's only about an inch in diameter, it sticks out enough for me to bump it frequently. Please pray for peace and the ability to ignore it while I'm waiting.

My apologies to the English majors and other literary types out there, I'm tired :  )


  1. I've never had anything cut off my body except for my hair and toenails. I hope your pain is subdued by prayer.

  2. I really don't see any spelling errors. The only puctuation improvements I notice would be a few additional for grandiose verbage, well, that's greatly over-rated. :-) Our prayers that the pain will be over soon! Love ya, Marvelous M.