Sunday, March 14, 2010


I had the experience this past week of having guys flirt with me. It’s kind of funny because, after the last year of being bald etc, it surprised me.

After my initial reaction, my first thought was: What would they have done if I had told them I have terminal cancer?

My experience so far is that people either melt into little puddles and evaporate, or they flip out and shut down and disappear, or they are extraordinarily kind and helpful and friendly. It seems like the deciding factor is emotional stability and how afraid they are of death. Just guessing....


  1. "or they are extraordinarily kind and helpful and friendly"

    Like me, maybe you didn't know why I wanted to chat with you on Skype. The quote above says it all.

    Death is not so much an issue for me but more the fear of what or how it will feel for me when it does happen because I've never had that experience before. The restless anxious mind is always wanting more knowledge.

  2. Death is that great mystery through which we all must pass. At a recent talk on the Buddhist view of death and dying, it all boiled down to -- live each moment with love and kindness and compassion, be present to what is happening now. That really is all we have. Who knows what is next. Thinking of you lots.

  3. I know it helps me alot that you are dealing with the cancer head-on instead of avoiding the issues. The flirting strikes me as normal; you are a very beautiful person. If people disappear when they hear what you are dealing with, I think it is their loss. Marvelous Martha!