Saturday, March 13, 2010


THIS discussion caught my eye this morning.

I'm sharing it because I think it would be beneficial for people without cancer to read too. Bear in mind that each of these women probably has a different diagnosis (dx) and a different perspective and a different world view and a different spiritual orientation... I have found that I have to take all of that into consideration when I read on there, especially the dx part, because I have a different kind of ovca than most of these women. But their encouragement is priceless. They've been there, they've done it, they will probably be continuing to do it for the rest of their lives--take that into consideration too. It's what we live every day.


  1. The women at that site are courageous...both those who are struggling and those who are the encouragers. They've been of such good encouragement to me this past six months when I first found them.

    Your readers might like to know, too, that there are multiple forums at for other types of cancers and illnesses. If they are dealing with some other ailment, they might like to join a forum specific to their ailment.

    Praying you are doing well this day.

  2. I do not have cancer but my daughter does. Watching her deal with it by the grace of God and reading the stories on the Inspire sight as well demonstrates how much the love of God is active and ministering to the deep needs of humanity as we call upon His unlimited love, sympathy and power to uphold and carry us through the challenges of this life as we prepare to live out eternity in the presence of Jesus, the Son of God. maranatha, come quickly Lord of all!