Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Ink

So, the plastic wrap stays on until tomorrow morning, then I wash it with warm soapy water and pat it dry, then it airs all day, then I cover it back up tomorrow night with plastic wrap, then I wash it again Saturday morning, then it airs, then if it is dry or itches I use a fragrance free moisturizer 2-3 times per day, then it peels and heals for a few weeks, and then after about a month it's considered almost entirely healed. The colors will have added depth and variation when it is healed... I figure I might as well share tattoo info while I'm sharing cancer info :  )

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger... Bear in mind that my left arm is only so long and the tattoo goes all the way around my right arm... I'll get someone else to take some pictures sometime when it's healed.



  1. Henrietta,
    That is so amazing!! It looks great!! It looks like the kids drew it on there themselves. Thanks for the pics!! Thanks for coming by today. I believe God brought you there just when I needed you. Never thought your nurse would need you, did ya?? Well, you made my day and made me think and made it better. Thanks for your prayers as I continue to need them. I got an extra hug today from my Mawmaw Izzy. She held out her arms and I fell into them and cried. She didn't ask why, she just held me. Thanks for talking to me today because I think it led me to her arms. You are my friend and I thank you for it.
    Freida (Tammy)

  2. This made me SMILE on so many levels. I'll gladly take some pics. :) JRD

  3. Martha, I can't wait to run into you. Your creation tattoo is pretty neat & vibrant in color. I imagine God smiling at you & your new tattoo.

  4. OH MY GOSH M...I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE this! I SOOOO want to steal those birds and put them on me. Get a full body shot asap!

  5. IT LOOKS AMAZING. I can't believe what a great job he did recreating the crayon texture. I/We love it!


    Can you tell I like it??? :-)


  7. Wow! It's very cool. I love it!