Sunday, January 16, 2011

Please Pray

I need prayer for wisdom. I’m having new symptoms and old symptoms which are making me feel pretty weird.

I’m having sets of symptoms I can’t treat with meds because, for example, the pain med I would take would increase the existing nausea. Therefore, the whole comfort care thing is not working for me right now.

I’m having pretty rapid symptom changes too, the most bothersome is waking me up every hour all night long, preventing me from getting any halfway decent sleep, which is making me fatigued, which is increasing my other symptoms.

I really need some relief.

Last time I asked for prayer, I was amazed by how God moved. Please pray again.

Thanks, Martha


  1. God hear my sister. Please! maranatha, Lord Jesus, come quickly!!!

  2. Praying for you Martha. Honestly, was so thrilled to see you at church this morning. You're faith, courage and get up and make it to church amazes me! Praying for peace, comfort and relief from your pain. Peace and love.......Beth

  3. I'm praying, Martha. A lot. And really, really hard. Sending much love.


  4. Praying for you always when I think of you. Praying that your symptoms will fade away. I LOVE the hats. I remember making necklaces with you at one point when our lives crossed. I still have the one you made me when you finished your teaching. I know you may not feel like it or don't wont to be sometimes but you are an inspiration.

    Peace and love

    Chris Harris

  5. You got it Martha! I'm sorry for your discomfort and I'll definitely pray for some solid sleep and peace.

    I love you -

  6. O Lord, touch Martha. Give her comfort and lead her gently home to you. She is quite ready to go. Bless and protect her spirit. Amen

    Praying - I've been following your blog for almost a year. Your story of honest faith has blessed me. May you go gently.

  7. Haven't stopped praying for you. I really connect with the "pray without ceasing" concept and I have been praying for you. You are so courageous, although you probably don't feel like it. Hope today is better than yesterday. Sheran

  8. Praying. Thanks for letting us know! Susan T.

  9. We are remembering our Lord's promise to you,
    "The Mercy Promise" and praying and loving you very much, lots and lots!!! M & D

  10. You have been in my prayers constantly. Thanks for letting us know specific needs. Peace to you Dear Martha

  11. Martha,
    I have been praying more intently for you, since our short conversation Sunday, Jan. 16th
    "and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders." Deut. 33:12. May you truly receive rest for your body and your spirit.
    Lynn H.