Thursday, December 9, 2010

IT’S GONE! It’s Gone! It’s GoONe!

My surgery, surgeon, and medical staff way exceeded my expectations today, it was wonderful. They were all professional, kind, and helpful.

The very best part of it? It turns out that the golf ball did NOT have a stem going down in between my ribs, it was ALL on top—Which means that my surgeon was able remove the whole entire thing and it WILL not grow back, not ever, not at any rate.

And that is a truly awesome, very incredibly cool surprise, especially after expecting the mushroom shape which would have been very likely to grow back at some rate, at some point. I think God is feeling gleeful about this right now... He likes giving me happy surprises.... “Merry Christmas, Martha.”

My surgeon did have to use general anesthesia because the golf ball was located on bone and thin muscle, not soft tissue, but, so far, other than asking my dear patient mother the same question five million times in the first hour while I was waking up, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal in terms of recovery.

There will be healing pain, and it will get worse today when all of hospital/surgery meds wear off, but whatever. I have pain medicine, it will get better in a few days, and the golf ball is GONE : )

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers.
Please keep praying for Haiti.

In His Grip, Martha


  1. Yay Martha!

    What wonderful news -- to think of the Father laughing -- I picture the smile. Ha! All to Him!

    We look forward to seeing you -- without!

  2. "Merry Christmas, Martha!" I love it :) JRD

  3. Well, that is wonderful news! So very glad for you! Aren't we blessed to live in a time when medical knowledge does so much towards taking care of us so well.
    Bless you! Hope you heal quickly and with NO pain!

  4. I was decorating all day today for Christmas, and I prayed for you the entire time... I kept checking to see if there were any updates, and may I just say how very, very pleased I am that your golf ball is gone? The power of prayer is truly an amazing thing. Now I have to say a prayer of thanks...

    Much love, many hugs, continued prayers.

  5. Oh wow! What wonderful news! So thankful that things went well for you!!

  6. YAY! What question did you keep asking your mom???