Friday, December 24, 2010


May the Peace and Joy He offers fill your heart and mind today, tomorrow, and every other day.
This is what Jesus did for me, and continues to do for me, and this is why I celebrate Christmas:

Lord Jesus, come yourself, and dwell with us, be human as we are, and overcome what overwhelms us. Come into the midst of my evil, come close to my unfaithfulness. Share my sin, which I hate and which I cannot leave. Be my brother, Thou Holy God. Be my brother in the kingdom of evil and suffering and death. Come with me in my death, come with me in my suffering, come with me as I struggle with evil. And make me holy and pure, despite my sin and death.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Peace, Martha


  1. Great looking family! So glad we shared a Depp-filled day yesterday. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS... JRD

  2. JRD-You too : ) And thank you for taking this picture for me.

  3. Merry Christmas girlfriend! I will be praying for you to avoid the temptation of food while with your family. I'll call you when I get back from Buffalo. Love the family portrait :) Love, Annie

  4. Merry Christmas, Kiddo.

    I want to pick up Bonhoeffer's books...I highly appreciate that man.

  5. Merriest of Merry, dearest Martha. You, as always, are in my thoughts and prayers. So happy to celebrate this holiday with you (from afar).

    Much love,

  6. I want to know when Dresden is going to get her own hand made hat---We love you Martha

  7. You and your posts are a blessing Martha.
    Much love to you, Nan

  8. Merry Christmas...Peace also with you...Great Photo!

  9. Amen to Bonhoeffer's prayer/heart.

    Reminded again how much I love Dresden's ears in this pic!
    Celebrating Jesus with you, dear Martha! Susan T.

  10. {{{Martha}}}

    Merry Christmas!!!

    What a sweet picture of you and doggie.

    Take care, sweet friend. Many joys to you and yours this season.


  11. Merry Christmas! Love the picture and love you too!