Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clot #2 and Thank You

First, thank you very, very, very much for praying for my recovery from the general anesthesia. The problems I had were actually not from the anesthesia but were almost certainly from eating at Wendy’s last Tuesday. It could have also been a virus. Regardless, it was way worse than recovering from general anesthesia and it is better now.

I’m about to eat my first non-liquid food since Monday night. I’ve been drinking chocolate ensures and water since Tuesday morning... My stomach has been feeling much better on this diet than when I was eating other foods, but I guess I should start eating some gentle food again.

It is really good to feel better. Thank you for praying for me.

Second, the off and on pain in my right bicep for the last 4-6 weeks turned into a blood clot in the fold of my elbow this week. Side note: why is clot such a disgusting word, just as a word, apart from what a clot actually is?

The first lump/clot was there for several days and yesterday a second lump/clot formed a little bit below the first one. Here’s a picture of where they are. The little black dot at the bottom indicates where the vein softens again. From the dot up to the first clot, the vein is ropey and taut. If you look carefully you can see the slight discoloration along the vein...

I also have pre-clot pain in my left upper leg. Hey, if I can go Home by the ways a clot would take me instead of the ways tumors etc would take me, it would be wonderful.

Meanwhile, these clots hurt quite a bit at times. Pain meds help; just don’t grab my arm or knee me in the leg (like my dog accidentally did yesterday)...

Meanwhile, I’ve been crocheting a ton and will post pictures soon of what I’ve been making. Today is a painting day.

Peace, Martha


  1. Hallelujah for the painting day...I guess the ice storm grounded you :-) love you lots!

  2. to distract you from clot... which i AGREE is a gross word.
    other words on my list....
    suckling pig

  3. I'm a little disappointed that whoever drew those two circles on your arm did not take into consideration the beautiful artwork above them. Perhaps a little more time invested to make them as lovely as your tattoos would have helped... Hope you're feeling better ~ on all fronts ~ and that you'll post crocheting pics soon. You always inspire me SO much. My follow-through just isn't quite the same as yours. Creativity and ADD are not so good together, but it sure makes for lots of adventures going on it the house!

    Much love, BIG hugs, many MANY prayers. As always.


  4. I had no idea you could see clots. I'm praying for you Martha!