Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Nice Fluffy Post

Okay, here’s a light and fluffy post for a change.

I got sick of maintaining the red-violet/violet streak in my hair and I figured I’d just bleach it white and then put a wash of lavender over it. I’ve always admired elegant older ladies with their classy lavender hair...

So I bleached it, with the thrill of first-time bleaching and some fear and trembling. I got hair lightener stuff from some nice ladies at Sally Beauty Supply who promised me it wouldn’t make my hair fall off. I was remembering of a friend of my oldest brother who bleached his rattail (weird 80’s hairstyle) with household bleach and it fell off...

This heinous bubblegum/cotton candy/pepto bismol/fluorescent/glow in the dark pink was so appalling that I stared at it for ten minutes. And when light hit it, it looked like it was glowing with some kind of radioactive energy. It didn’t fall off but it was horrid... I'd call this "Nightmare Pink."

I went back and got more of the noxious fumed putrid smelling hair lightener. The results were much better the second time, I put lavender over it, and it worked exceedingly satisfactorily.

All’s well that ends well, right? I figure now that my hair is a more ethereal color maybe I’ll get into Heaven faster.

There is a point to this post and it is this: One good thing about having a terminal illness is you can do all kinds of things and get away with them. I try not to abuse the privilege but it works great for stuff like crazy hair.

While I’m posting pictures, here’s a magnificent Dutch Puff I made the other night; proof that I do eat for those concerned.

In His Grip, Martha


  1. where's my dutch puff?

  2. Wait, you cook?? It looks SO delish (my word; you get it) and I totally want a piece of that puff. In addition, I'm not really sure your (truly magnificent) hair color is going to get you Home any faster, as it is VERY close to a color that I turned my entire head ~ about 30 years ago. And here I still sit. The good news: you're eating, and your hair is really, really awesome. You've already started growing your angel wings; your new hair color will be such a nice addition...

    Love you. Thinking about you. Praying for you. Big hugs and kisses.


  3. love how your new lavender hair matches your blog background :-)

    love you lots!

  4. Beloved--
    A poem for you: "We Shake with Joy"

    We shake with joy, we shake with grief.
    What a time they have, these two
    Housed as they are in the same body.
    by Mary Oliver

    You are beautiful.

  5. ummmmmmmm.... thinking i like the pink hair better, makes more of a statement!

  6. I think the lavender is favorite color! Praying for you in these days...miss seeing you too...Mrs. Langford

  7. I love the lavender. :) I love old ladies with lavender hair. Someday I want to be an old lady with shaggy lavender hair (not the Q tip hair do mind you)- everyone will think it was a mistake, but I will know the truth. I like it.
    Can you share that dutch puffy thingy recipe? I'd love to make it and think of you... and pray for you while I do. It's my habit when I make someone's recipe. Or is it TOP SECRET?!