Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Violette's Mural

This is another recent artwork... One of my younger brothers and his wife are expecting their first child, a daughter named Violette, in the beginning of November. C and B painted the wall light purple and then I painted the mural—since C and his wife J love the Northwest, mountains, snow, and evergreens, that's what they got about 4.5-5 hours later. It was a lot of fun to paint.

You can click on it to see it bigger...

Photograph © Ben Depp


  1. Hi Martha,

    I've posted on your blog a couple of other times. My name is Megan Blackwell - I know Alexis (Erkert) Depp from growing up in Cameroon. You are such a neat person. I love love love your artwork. It's so unique and interesting. I showed my daughter, Aislinn, your self portrait and her comment was, "That is SO cool!!!" I also really appreciate your thoughts on heaven, death, and other things you write about. You certainly have a perspective that is different from my own, and so very refreshing. I have to admit that I am one of those who fears the process of dying. I don't think I fear death itself, just the process. Your bravery, courage, strength, poise, desire to live to the fullest, reliance on God have just been such a testimony to me of how we who trust in Jesus should live through the valley of the shadow of death, or anything else we fear. Thank you, Martha. I wish I could meet you, but even if I never do on this side of the door, I know we'll meet in heaven. Thank you for the encouragement you've been and the wisdom you've shared.

    Praying for you,


  2. Wow!! That is amazing, I love it!!!!

  3. This mural is gorgeous! What a treasure for your little niece Violette! Your talent, your faith, everything about you amazes me!!

  4. Violette is going to love what her Aunt Martha has done for her. It's really beautiful...

    Love, hugs and prayers. Lots of all these.

  5. really truly one of my favorite pieces of your art... it's incredible. matt must think so, too, because he set this pic as our background. talk soon... miss you.

  6. I love how your shirt goes so well with the painting! :-) Awesome, M. -L

  7. Martha,
    I doubt you remember me, but I am a friend of Laura’s when we all went to St. James. I’ve been following your blog for months. The first time I met you was at one of St. James’ picnics. You were pretty little and kicked Laura in the shin because she was scolding you about something (you were a spunky kid!). My next impression of you was when you were living in the addition/room your dad and brothers built onto your house. You had a bunch of songbirds and obviously loved animals (which made me like you a lot even though I don’t think you said much of anything – you were pretty shy then).

    This morning I woke up – literally – with your face on my mind, and was concerned that you might have died before I got to thank you for all the things you’ve shared on your blog. I homeschool a kindergartner with special needs and a second grader, so sometimes 2 or 3 weeks can go by before I check your blog. I was so thankful to see that you’re still on this side of Heaven!

    I don’t want you to leave this Earth without telling you how much your life and words have touched me, bothered me, made me cry, made me rejoice, made me ask myself and God some hard questions, and made me see so much beauty. I appreciate your honesty and compassion for those of us you are leaving. I know you are going to be in the arms of our Savior soon, but I know I will cry bittersweet tears. I can only imagine how your family, friends, and students will feel. And yet you have such a tender heart toward all of your readers, and have shared so many insights that will give us peace. I love the mural that you painted for your niece. I love it that Ben captured you in the picture – in motion – giving of yourself and adding your touch of wonder, beauty, and artistry to those you love.

    Thank you so much, Martha, for all you have shared. I can’t wait to meet you in Heaven!
    In Christ,
    Sandy Porter

  8. little violette is one lucky neice. the mural is so beautiful and peaceful. self portrait is amazing! thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents. debra roe

  9. Hi Martha! Just wanted to let you know that I've been following your blog and thinking of you. I love the mural you did.. no words to describe it.
    Love & hugs, Sarah Burrows Castillo

  10. Hi Martha,

    I found your blog through my son and daughter in law who are with MCC and followed their blog, to your brothers blog, to yours...

    I've been reading along for a couple months now.

    I wanted to tell you your thoughts and your art, your writing, has helped me so much in my life as I journey to Heaven some day. I used to fear, but you are helping/teaching me not to fear death.

    Praying for you,

  11. That is amazing. So beautiful. You are truly blessed with some awesome talent.

  12. Violet is going to be one lucky girl! I got to experience sleeping in that room and waking up to the sun shining in on the mural...and its truly breathtaking.

    Awesome work M!