Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Dream House

Since I read Heaven, by Randy Alcorn, and heard what he has to say about Jesus preparing places for each of us, I’ve been thinking about what mine might be like… This is along the lines of what I’ve come up with so far. I just realized I forgot to include the open-metalwork-Victorian-style spiral staircase up to the loft...

It has been pointed out to me that my plan doesn’t include a kitchen or a bathroom. The kitchen was excluded because it never occurred to me to include one. I hate cooking and my plan in Heaven is to trade meals from people who love to cook for artwork of some sort. I guess I might have a mini fridge and a cabinet for milk and cereal… As for the bathroom; I figure we don’t know if we’ll need them, and it can always be tacked on the back somewhere.

In all seriousness, I drew the most awesome house I could and I know this plan is crummy, at best, compared to what Jesus is preparing. How exciting is that???

What is your place going to look like?

P.S. I’m having an awesome time with my family, my dog needs to be eating more, and the two quilts are almost done. I’ve been feeling almost annoyingly well for the last few days. Isn’t terminal cancer supposed to be terminal? Doesn’t terminal mean having an end point? Okay, I am incredibly grateful for the peace, excitement, and good time God is giving me while I’m waiting.


  1. Martha -
    So glad you are feeling well (annoyed or not). Sure beats feeling awful! I have never once thought about imagining what my own place in Heaven might be like in concrete terms. Your site always causes me to stop and really think. Thank you for sharing your gift of insight and thoughts!
    Wishing you peaceful smooth sailing.............
    Becky D.

  2. My house will have a big screen TV for me to be able to watch all the hockey and football I want :-) And of course, it needs to be right next to your house!

  3. I'll have an amazing surround sound system and the best dark chocolate stash. God will have a perfect waterfall, beach, and mountain hiking around my house. No roof.

    It IS exciting to know that my dreams are not much compared to God's dreams -- the One who knows me best!

    Thrilled that you're making progress on projects, that you're feeling well, and that you're having an excellent time with family.

    much love, Susan T.

  4. I designed the house I live in now. I think, based on what you've drawn, you'd like it a lot. Except I think your future location is better, from all perspectives...

    Glad to know that my prayers are being answered. So glad your family time is awesome, and your projects are getting completed. That's really important! :-)

    Hugs, love, prayers. Lots of all of these.

  5. "The only reason I have is a kitchen is that it came with the house." -Seen on a coaster at the home I clean, for someone who would rather clean her barn!:-) Your round windows in the roof are interesting. Love the greenhouse! I'm with Susan T...waterfall, beach, mountains...and lots of friends and family nearby. L

  6. martha, you truly amaze me. that is all.


  7. What a wonderful post, and I, too, am glad you're feeling well and are enjoying good times with your family! Oh, I love your house plans! And...I miss you at school!!!

  8. M - (without sounding too selfish), mentally visualizing your house in heaven brings me peace and relief, especially considering its such a great design :-) Good call on excluding the kitchen!

  9. I would DEFINITELY trade food for art, so I guess my place in heaven will be beautifully decorated by you!