Monday, April 19, 2010

Surgery Date

My surgery date has changed... AGAIN. It's now going to be on Friday, May 7.

Please pray for peace while I wait an extra two weeks. I was REALLY looking forward to being rid of this thing on Friday.

And not to be dramatic, but it has grown since I saw the surgeon for my initial appointment, not exponentially or anything, it's just definitely a little bit larger...

I'm trying to get through my head the fact that God is in control of this stuff and there's probably some reason for the many delays and changes.

Like.... maybe teaching me to be more flexible and patient or something like that. I was pretty good about it for a while but I've become worse again since I stopped treatment and my schedule has been more normal... Or maybe something else... Maybe it's for my protection somehow. Maybe something crazy is going to happen that I won't experience because I'll be out of the way. Maybe something profound is supposed to happen that couldn't happen if I were having surgery. Or, maybe a herd of purple elephants is going to invade Charlotte and paint murals all over the buildings and I'm supposed to be here instead so I don't try to paint with them and get smooshed in the fray... Okay, probably not.

Anyway, please pray for me.


  1. I vote for the purple elephants: but they would be ride-able, so you could reach higher on walls with the paint...I'll paint with ya! :-)

  2. Praying for you, sweet Martha. He IS in control and HE does have a plan, even though it may be hard to comprehend right now. Love you and sending you hugs!
    - Sandi

  3. Still here, still praying. I think about you every day, Martha. <3