Friday, April 30, 2010

Malevolent Crickets and Heaven

Three out of five mornings this week I’ve been attacked by giant killer demon crickets. No joke, THREE times. Two times it was when I was focused on trying to get something done and the damned (I think they have become severely demented since the Fall) things jumped out and ON to me, resulting in a high speed chases with flailing broomstick handles, water buckets flying, and unnecessary adrenaline rushes.

Most insects don’t really bother me. And there are many that I enjoy. Seriously, it makes me feel bad to see moths inside houses and I get a thrill from catching them and putting them back outside where they won’t die. The house spiders with the long legs fall in the shower sometimes and I always try to put them up on a high shelf or molding so they can dry out and keep catching mosquitoes or whatever else they catch in their innocuous little corner webs. (No, I don't have piles of dried out dead spiders on shelves or molding in my house, don't worry...) I once even saved a spectacular praying mantis from the middle of a street and certain death...

But these crickets are another story. Did I mention the time I went to sweep a dead one into a dustpan and it jumped straight at me? Yes, they play dead. And the time I tried to flush a dead one down the toilet and it started swimming? And that was after I found it “drowned” in my water glass.

I know this whole post probably doesn’t seem related to cancer or death and dying or God’s faithfulness, but it is because there won’t be giant killer demon crickets in Heaven or on the New earth. There won’t be any sudden terror. There won’t be any need to kill or exterminate anything. He will restore all things to their rightful place with their rightful function and their rightful behavior.... If those crickets are supposed to function in some rightful way they will do it without traumatizing any other creatures.

That is something to look forward to.

I decided it might be cathartic to draw my mental image of the killer cricket from this morning. I generally feel like drawing and/or writing about things externalizes them and begins the process of taking power away from them. It was also very helpful to have a kind soul around to retrieve it from the sink drain and dispose of it for me...

If you have some desire to see it bigger, you can click on it.


  1. hahahaha! I love the drawing Aunt Martha! :D
    thats so cool :) And I understand about the crickets, we had some in our basement before the Sharps moved in, and I was always terrified to go down there.

  2. the poor camel crickets--just looking for a place to sleep after their toil and labor away from the sun... did you know they can be found on all the continents?

    maybe you could set up a little, dark, moist shelter for them in the corner of your work room so they have a refuge from the storm of broomsticks and watering cans...

  3. I think your drawing will be the subject of my next nightmare.

  4. With me it was killer spiders...I helped my daughter clean her garage yesterday! Even with gloves, I think they bit me. Aaarrrgh!