Saturday, April 17, 2010

And I said HEY, what's going on?

I woke up this morning, after the last two weeks of crud flying from spinning fan blades and trying to stay centered and calm and to keep going... And the chorus of this song came to mind... It resonated with me, so I looked up the video and thought it was pretty interesting. I like the way it captures the frustrations of life while trying to keep a sense of humor.


  1. I have always LOVED this song! "I realized quickly when I knew I should that the world was made up of this Brotherhood of Man... I pray every single day for a revolution" What great lyrics. Praying for a revolution and praying for you, too...

  2. Martha, I am so glad that you brought this song up. I haven't heard it in quite awhile. Now, I'll be humming (& smiling) it for some days ahead. Hope the surgical procedure went well...