Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Continuing to wait...

Psalm 27, which Martha calls “my cancer psalm” concludes with:

“Wait for the Lord;
     Be strong, and let your heart take courage;
          Wait for the Lord!”

And she continues to wait, courageously, graciously, gratefully, and usually with remarkable patience toward the challenges of the cancer and her very great weakness now.  In the beginning she prayed to “be able to do this cancer thing well” and she is doing it so very well for His glory.

And all of us continue to be profoundly thankful for abounding grace and peace to our Lord Jesus and to each of you who continues to pray so faithfully for us and to send such loving messages, emails and other encouragements, like the very cheerful bouquet of flowers we discovered on the front porch Monday morning and a beautiful gerbera daisy another dayJ.  We pray God’s many blessings on each of you!

In His immense love, her parents.


  1. Continuing to hold all of you in my prayers to our loving Lord Jesus.

  2. Thank you for the update. I pray for you all many times a day. Please let Martha know that her prayer and care posse is still working full force.
    God's peace to you all.

  3. Jean and Fred,
    Thank you so much for posting today. We keep all in our prayers and thoughts. We had been wondering how Martha and the family are doing. Our love to each, in peace. Margot Dudley

  4. You probably don't remember me from 4th Pres, but my prayers are with you guys every day. Thank you for the update. Your testimony of Martha's hope encourages my friends and me to embrace persevering hope as well. Jen Roberts Biddison

  5. Every morning, when I wake up ~ every day, for so many reasons ~ every night, as I lay down to sleep ~ I think of, and I pray, for Martha. Thank you so much for keeping us updated; I anxiously wait for the news of her journey Home, where she will suffer no more. You two are amazing human beings, as reflected in your truly amazing children. Much, much love to all the Depps, especially dear, sweet Martha.


  6. We continue to pray for you all...tell Martha that we are praying for God's timing in taking her home to be with Him...we love you all and pray God's comfort, grace and peace for you during this time of waiting...Psm 23 Love, Ron and Linda Langford

  7. Natalie Wilson EastmanMarch 16, 2011 at 9:51 PM

    Watching from afar, loving Marth, and wondering whether she's with Jesus in person now. Remember All of you Depps with much love. Natalie Wilson Eastman