Friday, August 20, 2010

My Dog.

My dog Dresden and I celebrated our eight year adoptaversary today. Eight years ago today I picked her up at the pound. I had always been skeptical about “gut” feelings and knowing things “at first sight,” but after visiting at the pound four or five times, I walked in one day and saw her… And as soon as I saw her, I knew that I knew that I knew that she was my dog.

After eight years of being together, it’s pretty clear why God gave her to me. She’s been amazing. I could get effusive, but I'll spare you.

Interestingly enough, Dresden acted so strangely for about a week before my very first doctor’s appointment for the cancer symptoms to get checked out that I was sure that I had cancer, and I did. And she acted strangely when the cancer recurred—for about a week before I even found the lump under my right arm. She knew I had cancer before I or anyone else did. God used her and her behavior to prepare me for the initial diagnosis and the recurrence.

She helped me recover from surgery...
And she helped me stay sane during chemo...
She continues to be pretty consistently awesome...
Anyway, she is a treasure. It’s a huge relief to know that my family loves her and is going to take good care of her after I’m gone. And I’m 100% sure that we’ll be together again in Heaven at some point.

If you think of Dresden after I leave, please pray that she will adapt well to my absence.


  1. What awesome photos!! I am so happy that you have given me the opportuntiy to have a friendship with such a vivacious creature :) I love you both and yes we will all be romping with our "best friends" in Heaven! Annie

  2. Wow, you totally look amazing with no hair! I don't think I could say the same; my head is rather lumpy. Dresden is so lucky to have you, and you're so lucky to have Dresden. Everything works exactly as it should, Martha... Hugs, love, and prayers. As always... K.

  3. The story of Dresden made me smile... I'll definitely take her out to the woods. :)

  4. Love me some Dresden! Susan T. :)