Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If I were going to be completely honest about how I’m doing right now, I’d say that I’m tired. Tired of being in between life and Life. Tired of wondering how long the rest of this cancer process is going to take. Tired of lots of irritating low level physical symptoms that have started back up in the last week or so. Tired of being disappointed. Tired of waiting. Tired of things I wouldn’t put on here. Tired of drama. Tired of frigid weather. Tired of feeling ungraceful and ungracious and impatient and irritable. Tired of being tired.

The chorus of THIS song resonated with me tonight.


  1. When I'm tired of waiting, I usually pull out my sketchpad to release my tensions or read a book to relax more in the softness of my pillow until I fall asleep.

    What does a parent do with a tired kid who is still anxious about the train arriving? Possibly give them something to do that will calm them.

    If it's not too much to ask, find an indoor aquarium or green house and take a walk in the peace of the moment.