Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Betrothed in Dazzling White

Mary, mother of Jesus, was betrothed of Joseph, chosen to bear the Son of God Most High.

Martha, child of King Jesus has been betrothed to Him, the Christ, Savior and Son of God Most High since He came offering her new life many years ago. Made a member of His bride the church, she continues to worship Him with Mary and all those who live and move and have their being in the Risen One with the pierced hands and feet.

Martha, child of God, is now dazzling white and glorious, a maiden among many sons and daughters of the King eternal.

Martha has now entered into the bridegroom’s gates with praises wearing His wedding garment, the King’s gift to each of those who love Him and seek His holiness without and then within His blessed gates.

Cancer now consumed, all earthly doubt dispelled, all fears quenched in the Spirit’s loving ministry and singular transformation now seeing the bridegroom in His glory.

Who gives this woman to be wed to the King for all eternity? Her mother and I do with unspeakable joy and thanksgiving in our souls. We give her most gladly to Him who is called: Greater Love Hath No One Than This.


  1. Dear Depp family,
    I am so glad you re-posted this entry. This is the most beautiful description, and I love the last paragraph. Thank you for your family's transparency through these years of planning Martha's wedding .

  2. Fred and Jean - I cannot resist the urge to praise our great God when I read this post and see His faithfulness to you in this time of grief. Thank you for challenging me to hold loosely that which belongs to our heavenly groom. I wept reading these words but my heart is filled with jpy to know that HE is enough for the wounded heart and the inexplicable joy he offers is not only for this life but for the one to come. Blessings to you.
    Kristi Woodard