Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Praise God for your Prayers and encouragement! EDITED

Here are two updates, one from my parents, and a short one from me.

Thank God for your continued prayer support and many expressions of love and encouragement!

This past Sunday was glorious. Martha’s pastor gathered a small group from her church to come to her home.

It was a very special time to sing the music which Martha chose in (Jan. 2010) for her memorial service, hear encouragement from Hebrews, and administer the membership vows to her for joining the local church (she had never been able to complete the membership class due to scheduling and illness conflicts), and to take Communion.

How lovely it was to hear this precious bride of Christ say “I do,” again, and again, in response to her vows of commitment to Jesus and to His body in this local church! And what a joy to be reminded that she belongs to Him and not to us (much as we love her)!

Martha has been significantly weaker and sleepier each day, and communication is taking more effort. Please continue to pray for her relief from various discomforts and soon perfect healing in His presence.

On Sunday, in the early morning hours, probably around 4:30-5 am, Martha called us because she was extremely cold and could not stop shaking, so we wrapped her in more blankets, held her and prayed and read Psalms for probably an hour before she was warm enough to sleep again…she has had many challenges with her internal thermostat before but never for so long. Several hours later she was too warm.

Sunday night’s testimony makes it ever clearer that Jesus is using Martha for His kingdom purposes and, though she is in the midst of this ‘story’ right now, it is ultimately not about her, us or her church but all about our all-sufficient and only God, our Savior, “who is able to keep you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of His glory, blameless with great joy.” (Jude 24-5).

Rejoicing in His grip and Love! Martha’s Parents

From Martha:
My wonderful nurse said today that she would not be surprised if she got "the call" from my family any time now because of physical symptoms that she can see clearly by looking at me, and because of these crazy symptoms I’ve been having. I'm ready.

I had a startlingly difficult experience last night that indicates tremendous progress of the cancer.

Meanwhile my caretakers with Hospice and my parents continue to be just incredible.

Meanwhile God, even in times like last night’s difficulty, is keeping me in His peace and protecting me with His grace.

In His grip, Martha


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm still here and still praying; sending much love.


  2. words can never explain how i feel when i read your story. i can only hope that God gives you strength, love and peace during this journey and the thereafter. always in my prayers and thoughts.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. How wonderful to hear your testimony. I have been praying for Martha without ceasing. Blessings to Martha and all of you.

    Sheran at Converse

  4. Martha, sweet friend,

    I continue to think of you every day and remember you in my prayers. I am grateful for this update.

    Peace and love to you and your family and friends. I am so happy you have so much support and love!


  5. Martha, I read your posts and am lost for words. Your continued integrity and honesty fill me with hope and peace. Creation? And all I can give you is prayer. God bless you as you move forward. Love and peace, Stephanie

  6. We've been praying daily for you all. Praise the Lord for blessing you with His perfect peace and abundant grace.

  7. What a beautiful church experience, a group of believers gathered in your home to celebrate Jesus at work in your life. I'm so thankful you all had that experience - how wonderful! Continuing to think of you and pray for you. I'm really going to miss your posts, your wisdom, your encouragement in Christ. Thank you Martha! Peace be with you.


  8. just waiting with you friend...

  9. Prayers continue, Martha...and love sent.


  10. I have never met you, but recently learned about you and this blog and your amazing story from a friend who was at your house on Sunday.
    My sister in law is terminally ill and my heart is breaking...she is going down hill fast. she is a believer, but hasn't yet received the level of joy/anticipation/assurance that you have. she may not ever experience it to the level you have, and i realize that it's all still true for her - whether she "feels" it or not. But right now, I have deep peace after reading your blog. I have gone to redeemer for years and have only just learned of who you are because my friend told me about the amazing experience he had at your house on sunday. my goodness, your story (dare i say this?) makes me envy you. i am so eager for you. i want to know what you will experience, what you will see....the glory and majesty of our Lord - certainly! but you will also get to see all the other more "minute" things that make us reflect his character. i imagine jesus painting with you. i imagine he must have wonderful, silly, childlike humor at times. i imagine he stops and picks flowers. i imagine him tickling the children, i imagine him playfully teasing us, giving tours of heaven that were specifically designed for us! oh, how i wish i could feel those things right now. i should mention, i struggle with intense bouts of depression that make me feel lifeless so much of the time, even though my body isn't rebelling against me, my mind and emotions do. but, your blog - your story...martha, it all applies to me, but on a different timeline. i'm so glad that i found this blog and learned of your story. it will forever be something that can bring peace in the storm. and i am going to print all its content and place it in my journal. i really hate that you're getting weaker so quickly because i would give anything to come and meet you in person, see your face, and give you a hug. but, i know i'll get that chance when we meet in heaven. thank you for forever sealing the "fingerprints" of your life and journey on my heart. they are a treasure beyond words!

  11. Sending love and prayer to you and your family.

    Love you forever.

  12. Love you, Martha!!! Praying for you and your parents!!!! You have made a difference in my life and I thank you for it!! I will always remember you. I promise to never forget!!! Tell Emily hello for me and give her a hug for Shelby, please. Martha's mom: please hug Martha for me and tell her I am thinking of her.

    Tammy Green

  13. martha and family, i weep for you with a heavy heart for all you have gone through, and that this was not in your plan. then i feel happiness that you except God's plan and are looking forward to whatever the next chapter brings for you. peace, love and happiness ever after. xxxooo

  14. Hi Martha, I just wanted to say hello. We think of you each day over here in France, and I have often prayed for you. I come and check your blog to see how you are doing. Please continue to post. We are following along from a distance.

    We have shared your situation with our bible study for unbelievers. We have an older french guy who does not yet believe, who cannot comprehend the kind of faith you are putting on display for the world. It's the kind of testimony that proves the existence of God to everyone around watching it take place.

    We wait with you and pray as you near life.
    God's blessings on you today our friend,
    Neil M.

  15. Just think, M! Cars cannot break down in Heaven!! No drama. Except wonderful drama. I'm assuming we will not have to deal with money, either, and definitely no random wild animals in the basement in the middle of the night. Maybe it will always be springtime, with new growth, and the ocean nearby. Perfect clarity of thought, hormonal balance, endless energy, no addictions, no divorce, no abuse, no neglect. I love what Angela6147 wrote, and hope she will write me at stormtoshine@yahoo. I'm exited that I was able to give your blog address to a person whose relative has cancer but will not go to church, and I pray God moves there. We've already been getting some grieving "done" for over two years, so with honest hope and joy and not so many random tears, Love you always, and thanks for being here! Let's go kayaking again soon. L

  16. Praying for peace, comfort and new life for you Martha! Your faith is amazing and inspiring! Beth

  17. Hi Martha, This verse came to my mind yesterday, and this is my prayer for you. "...the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders." Deut.33:12 May you have complete rest in God's hands. When you sign your blog, "In His grip," it is a reflection of your amazing faith and a reality we long for. Many prayers for you. Lynn

  18. I tell you Martha I've enjoyed your great posts this last year or so. God has given you wonderful talents and what a beautiful witness you've been to all who meet you and love you. Your insights of the Lord have been so good and inspiring. Also your art work and needle work will be a rememberance to those you've given of those talents. It's been my pleasure and honor to pray for you these many months. You will truly be missed.

  19. Dear Martha and parents, Steve and I read your post with tremendous gratitude for the peace you all are feeling. The love you share freely with all of us is inspiring, and we are praying for you and are just so, so thankful for the way you have touched our lives. Much love, Carol

  20. Dear Martha, Jean and Fred.
    I was happy to again see Martha's post. Our love and prayers continue to be with each of you. May Martha continue in God's grace and continue to receive his strength.
    With love and prayers. Margot Dudley

  21. Martha, I am continuing to pray for you. I am sorry that you are suffering so badly, and I hope it doesn't go on much longer.

    Lisa Daniels Neuland from GCS.